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On 31st July 2023, there was a security update for the QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) connector.

To make sure that your QuickBooks sync with Melio isn’t interrupted, you’ll need to manually reauthorize the applications access to your connected QBDT company file. 

Please take the actions outlined below to allow Melio to stay connected to QBDT.


If you connected your Melio account with QBDT after 31st July 2023, you don’t need to take any further action.


What is the ‘connector’?

The connector works with QuickBooks as an ‘Integrated application’. When an integrated application gets data from your company file, QuickBooks checks that the application has the right access.

With the rise of malware, desktop applications are usually signed with a certificate to verify the application. For security reasons, this certificate is routinely updated. 

As the certificate has been updated, existing connectors won’t be recognized by QuickBooks, prompting you to re-approve the connection to the company file.


What do I need to do?

When you open QBDT, it will prompt you to allow the connector to access the data again.


NOTE: For multi-company setups

For multi-company setups, the connector may try to access a different company file than the one currently open in the QBDT application. When the connector attempts to access the file, QuickBooks will ask you to approve access for the company that is currently open. Check that the pop-up is referring to the company that that you need to connect to, before approving.


  1. Select the type of access you want to allow the application. For the best user experience, we recommend choosing - Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running. Click Continue.

application certificate.jpg


2. Confirm the type of access you'd like to give the connector by clicking Yes.



3. Confirm you allow the connector to have access to the company file by selecting Done.

Access confirmation.jpg

Once approved, the connector will be able to access the company file as before, and no further action is required.


What to do if the QuickBooks Desktop application is closed

If the connector attempts to access the company file when the QBDT application is closed, it will display the error message: Timed out attempting to communicate with QBD.

The connector can’t initiate communication with QBDT when it’s closed, and any previously granted permissions to access QBDT while it’s not running won’t transfer to the new certificate.




Here’s what to do:

  1. Launch the QBDT application, open the correct company file, and approve the connector's access to it.
  2. The approval prompt may take a few moments to appear but can be manually triggered by clicking Perform Sync in the Connector UI.
  3. To complete, please refer back to the instructions above


We're here to help anytime, so just contact us if you need more assistance. 


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