Add or edit a vendor’s delivery method in the Melio app

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You can easily add or edit your vendor’s delivery method in the Melio app. Here's how:

  1. Under Vendors on the home screen, select the relevant vendor.
  2. Tap the i icon.
  3. Add or edit the delivery method:

a. To add the first delivery method: Tap Add next to DELIVERY METHOD

b. To add more or edit a delivery method: Tap Change next to DELIVERY METHOD

  1. You can now choose how your vendor prefers to get paid:

a. Bank transfer
b. Let my vendor decide
c. Paper check

Bank transfer

  1. Select Bank transfer (ACH)
  2. Add your vendor’s ACH routing number and account number. Tap Save.

Let my vendor decide

  1. Select Let my vendor decide.
  2. Add your vendor's email address and phone number. Tap Save.

Paper check

  1. Select Paper check.
  2.  Fill in the name on the check.
  3. Tap Address line 1 to start searching for your vendor's address. 
  4. Confirm the details in the address and tap Save.


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