How to create a QR code using your unique Melio payment link

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It’s super simple to create a QR code to place on your paper invoice and get paid faster. Your customers can just scan it to easily pay the invoice right from their phone. 

You first need to go to your payment page and create the code from there.


This article shows:

1. How to find your payment page
2. Create the QR code


How to find your payment page

  1. Sign in to your Melio account and go to Settings
  2. Select Company settings. On the right of your screen, you’ll see a section with the heading Payment page, where you’ll find your payment link



3. Click the link to open your payment page.


Create the QR code

Follow these steps to create the QR code from your desktop or phone.

  1. Open your payment page, which looks like this: 



2. Create your personal QR code from:

a.  Desktop- On the address bar, click the share icon followed by Create QR code.


b. iOS- Tap the share icon next to the address bar, followed by Create QR code

c. Android- Tap the three dots icon, followed by Create QR code.


3. Download the QR code and save it to your desktop or photos.



4. Add it to your paper invoices so your customers can easily scan and pay. Like this:



Note: Melio App

Currently, you aren’t able to create a QR code from the Melio app.


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