How to pay multiple bills at once from Vendors

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It’s possible that you have multiple bills waiting to be paid.  

To simplify this process, you can schedule a payment for all unpaid and partially paid bills all in one go, directly from your Melio account.


SPECIAL NOTE: Melio is getting a fresh look.

This won't affect how you used to do things, only the way to get there. Customers will get the revamped look gradually to ensure a smooth transition. It might take a while before you see it.

If you’re using the new table look, follow these steps to pay multiple bills at once, and these steps to pay multiple bills to the same vendor at once. Otherwise, continue reading.


Here's how to pay in the original view:

1. Go to your Vendors in the left sidebar.

click vendors in the left sidebar.jpg


2. Select the vendor you want to pay.

select a vendor.jpg


3. In the vendor’s details on the right, you’ll see the total amount to pay and number of bills under OPEN BALANCE.



4. Click Pay unpaid bills.



5. From the Schedule payments screen, you’ll see all of a vendor's unpaid bills.

Note: Bills to the same vendor

To combine payments to the same vendor, you can find Multiple payments to same vendor above your table. Toggle on Combine into one.




Tips: Get the most out of scheduling payments

  • Pay all your bills at once on a set date, or pay each bill on its due date.
  • Sort the table by deduction date, delivery date or amount by clicking on the column title.
  • Select a payment method, deduction date and delivery method for each bill separately.


6. Delete a payment that is not ready by hovering over it and clicking  “X” .



NOTE: Errors

You can’t schedule the payment if there is missing information. To learn more about batch payment errors, read this article.


7. Ask a vendor to fill out their payment details if you don’t know their delivery method by clicking +Add method.



8. You can choose to add a memo to your vendor by clicking the message icon.



9. Once all of your payments are ready to go, you’ll see the total amount to be paid and the total fees on the top right of your screen.


10. Click Schedule payments to continue.

11. Click Notify vendors if you want to let your vendor know their payment is on its way. 



12. Fill in the email address for the vendor and click Save and notify

NOTE: Email address

The email address is saved in the vendor’s contact details for future payments.


13. Click Go to dashboard to finish.



That’s it! Your batch payment is on its way. You’ll receive an email listing all the scheduled payments with relevant details.


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