Expedite your payment with fast ACH in the Melio app

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Pay your vendors faster. Fast ACH is delivered on the same business day it’s sent (for payments made until 2 pm ET / 11 am PT), instead of the regular 3 business days for a bank payment.


NOTE: Credit card and debit card are not eligible for fast ACH payment.

ACH delivery using a credit or debit card is delivered the same day. So, you can't select it as a payment method for fast ACH. 


If the payment is eligible for fast ACH, you’ll have the option to select it when scheduling your payment deduction date. Here's how:

  1. Make a payment for a new or existing bill as usual.
  2. In Send as, select Bank transfer (ACH).
  3. In Deliver by, you’ll see two options for ACH delivery, each with an estimated delivery date. You can select FAST (1% fee capped to $30) or regular.

Note: Want to change your deduction date?

The payment deduction date is set to today by default. Tap Edit deduction date to change when you want the payment to be deducted, and then tap Set dates

  1. Tap the date labeled FAST to select the fast ACH delivery option. This option has a rocket icon. 
  2. Tap Continue.
  3. Complete your payment as usual. 

Can I track the status of my fast ACH payment?

Yes you can. Use your Nacha trace number to confirm and track an ACH payment.

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