Connect your bank account using micro-deposits in the Melio app

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You can connect your bank account on the Melio app in two ways:

What are micro-deposits?

  • Micro-deposits are small amounts of money that enter your bank account so we can verify your account.
  • Receiving micro-deposits can take up to 2 business days.  
  • These will be debited back from your account after a few days. 

There are two key steps to connecting your account through micro-deposits:

  1. Add your bank account details.
  2. Verify your bank account using micro-deposits, once you receive them.  This is available only from the Melio site. 

Adding your bank account when making a payment

  1. Choose an unpaid bill, scan an invoice or add a new bill.
  2. Tap Pay.
  3. When asked what you want to Pay with, tap Bank account

Note: Payment method is pre-selected

When you already have a verified bank account connected, it will be selected automatically. 

To change your bank account:

  • Tap Change in the right top corner of the Pay with box.
  • Tap Change bank account.
  1. Tap Verify with micro-deposits.
  2. Add your Routing number (ACH) and Account number and tap Save.
  3. Continue making the payment.

Your payment will only be processed once your account is verified.

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