What’s Melio?

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Melio is a digital accounts payable and receivable solution for small businesses in the US. Melio helps small businesses get more control over their finances and improve cash flow month after month. Plus, it’s free to use. It costs nothing to sign up and there are no subscription fees.

You can manage payments from your phone or from your computer by:

Using the Melio app


Going to Melio.com


Melio app

The app is Melio’s pay-on-the-go solution. It's designed to help you easily make payments from your phone.

With the app, you can simply take a picture of an invoice with your phone. It becomes a scanned bill and appears in your Unpaid tab. You can make a payment right away or at a later stage.

The app allows you to add your payment details, vendors and their preferred delivery method. You can also cancel, approve and decline payments.

Download the iOS app from the App Store. Android version coming soon. 



When you go to Melio.com, you can enjoy the entire Melio experience. You can manage both your accounts payable and receivable. Pay and get paid in one dashboard and sync with your accounting software to avoid double data entry.

Melio.com also allows you to make international payments, partial payments and create recurring bills.

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