I’m a vendor - what do I need to know about single-use virtual cards?

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This article is for vendors who received an email from Melio with a single-use virtual card (SUVC) and are not sure why or what to do with it. 

We’ll explain why you received a single-use virtual card, the benefits of getting paid with a single-use virtual card, and how to get paid a different way- if that’s what you prefer. 

What’s a single-use virtual card and how do I use it?

A single-use virtual card is a fast, secure, and efficient virtual credit card that has become a common payment delivery method for vendors. 

It's important to note that to receive single-use virtual card payments, you must have a point-of-sale (POS) terminal that can process credit card transactions. This can either be a physical terminal, like the ones you find at the register in a store, or a virtual terminal that lets businesses process online or remote transactions, without the actual card. 

 The card is delivered via email and you can only process it once for the total payment amount

Why am I being paid with a single-use virtual card?

You’re receiving payment via a single-use virtual card because you or someone in your company opted in during a call with Melio’s team. Single-use virtual cards are only issued to vendors who signed up and agreed to receive a payment this way.

What are the benefits of single-use virtual cards?

  • Faster - Process payments 24/7 using your Point-of-sale (POS) terminal. You’ll get instant payment authorization and receive payment according to your schedule - and not the banks.  
  • Easier on your accounting - Cards are sent with full remittance data - amount, customer and invoice details. This makes it easier to track and manage every incoming payment. And it helps keep your books organized. 
  • More secure - No need to share your bank details with your customers. You receive a digital card with a unique 16-digit number that only you can use.

How do I go back to my previous payment method?

You can change back to your old receiving method by contacting us at single-use-card@melio.com

To switch from a single-use virtual card to an ACH bank transfer, read this article

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