Switch your receiving method from a single-use virtual card to ACH bank transfer

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Are you a vendor who’s signed up to receive single-use virtual cards? That means that all of your future incoming payments will be delivered to you via this method. 

Though there are many benefits to accepting payments via a single-use virtual card, there may be moments when you want the funds to arrive as standard ACH directly to your bank account. 

This article will show you how to switch from a single-use virtual card to an ACH bank transfer in a few simple steps. 

NOTE: Switching from a single-use virtual card to ACH affects only this payment.

That means your future incoming payments will still arrive as single-use virtual cards. If you no longer want to receive payments via single-use virtual cards altogether, you can contact support here

Here’s how to make the switch: 

1. When a customer schedules a payment to you, you’ll get the following email to accept the payment with the single-use virtual card.



2. Select Deposit payment to bank account to switch this payment to ACH bank transfer.



3. Fill in your bank routing and account number. Click Continue



4. Click Accept payment to deposit the funds into your bank account. 



5. That’s it! Your payment will go right into your bank account.



NOTE: How does switching to ACH affect the delivery timeline?  

Single-use virtual cards allow the funds to be immediately available after they were processed on your point-of-sale (POS) terminal. If you switched to ACH bank transfer, the funds will be available within the same day or the next business day. 

NOTE: What happens if my single-use virtual card was already processed? 

If you’ve already processed your single-use virtual card in your POS terminal, you won’t be able to switch to ACH bank transfer for this payment. 




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