Why aren't my bills from Xero appearing in my Melio account?

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When you connect your Melio and Xero accounts, bills automatically sync between the two platforms. However, some bills found in your Xero account may not show up in your Melio account.


One possible reason: the bills are outdated.

On the first sync, Melio only syncs bills edited or created in the last 6 months. To sync older bills, you can edit them in Xero. It can be something minor, such as adding and deleting an extra letter in a vendor’s name. Afterward, the edited bills should appear in your Melio account.


If newer bills aren’t appearing either, try manually syncing your Xero account.

The simplest way is to do it:

1. Go to your Melio account.

2. Click Pay in the sidebar.

3. Click the sync icon in the upper right corner.

Pay- sync icon.png


Another way to manually sync your accounts:

1. Click Settings in the left sidebar.

2. Click Sync and import.

3. Under Xero is connected on the right, click Sync now.

sync now.png



Disconnect and Reconnect your Xero Account.

If you still aren’t seeing bills, please disconnect and reconnect your Xero account.

1. Click Settings in the left sidebar.

2. Click Sync and import.

3. Click Disconnect under Xero is connected on the right.



4. Return to Settings and click Sync and import again.

5. Click Connect under Connect Xero on the right.

Connect Xero- Connect copy.png


6. Click Allow access to let Melio use your Xero profile information.



Once reconnected, bills should sync between your Xero and Melio accounts.



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