Benefits of becoming verified on Melio's network

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Thousands of small businesses and local suppliers are now getting discovered and paid seamlessly on Melio’s Network. 

There are many benefits to joining, plus it’s completely free!

What are some benefits of joining Melio’s network? 

1. It’s secure:

Melio ensures your money is always secure and your information stays private.

2. You can get paid faster—directly into your bank account:

When you’re verified on Melio’s network, you get paid directly to your bank account, every time. Your customers who pay you through Melio won’t send unwanted checks, saving you waiting time and trips to the bank. 

3. It’s easy for your customers to find you:

Customers can find you on Melio’s business network by searching your business name or address. When they search for you, they can find your details already saved, meaning they can pay you in just a few clicks. 

What does it mean to be verified on Melio’s network? 

When you sign up for Melio’s network, we’ll ask you to provide your contact and bank details, then connect your bank account automatically or manually with micro-deposits. 

Our team will review your details within 5 business days. You’ll get an email once your business is verified and ready to start automatically accepting payments to your bank account.

As part of the network, you’ll also be easily identifiable - your name will appear under “Melio’s network” with a verification badge when customers search for you.



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