Becoming a Melio verified vendor

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Thousands of small businesses and local suppliers are getting discovered and paid instantly with Melio.

As a vendor already being paid through Melio, you can become a verified vendor by simply confirming your business and bank details. This creates a seamless payment experience for you and your customers. While this step is optional, we highly recommend it as you’ll enjoy the many business benefits of being a Melio verified vendor. 

This article will show you:

Why you should finish verifying your business

  1. More security:

    Melio always ensures that your money is secure.  As a Melio verified vendor, your information stays private and there's no need to share your bank details to get paid. 

  2. Faster payments:

    Once your business is reviewed and approved, all of your incoming payments will automatically be sent to your preferred delivery method. This means no more unwanted checks in the mail, saving you time and trips to the bank.

  3. Easier for customers to pay you:

    As soon as you’re listed as a verified vendor, new and existing customers can find you faster through Melio. By searching your business name or address, they’ll be able to pay you in a few simple clicks.




How to finish verifying your business

  1. Fill in all the necessary details for your bank account and business to accept your payment.
  2. Once complete, your accepted payment will be on its way. 
  3. Melio will then send 2 small deposits to your bank account, along with an email letting you know what to do next. 

Note: What are small deposits?

Small deposits are amounts of money (less than $1) that are sent to your bank account so we can verify your account. They'll be debited back within a few days of being deposited.

  1. When you see the deposits in your account (this can take 1-3 business days), follow the instructions to finish verifying. Click Finish verifying. Email after deposits.jpg


5. You’ll be taken to where you need to enter the exact amounts of the two deposits made to your account. Click Submit and verify.

Enter small deposits.jpg

6. That's it! Your bank account is now verified. Enjoy a seamless payment experience for both you and your customers. 


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