How do I change the details of a scheduled payment?

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Melio lets you change your mind and edit the details of a payment even after you schedule it. 

You can edit a scheduled payment until it’s processed, meaning before 11:30am EST on the deduction date.


Here’s how to do it:

1. Sign in to Melio.

2. Click Pay in the left sidebar.

3. Click Scheduled to see the list of your scheduled payments.

4. Select the payment you want to edit.



5. Click Actions in the payment details on the right.



6. Select Edit from the dropdown list.



7. Edit the payment method, if you want. Click Continue

The current payment method is marked with a purple border.



8. Edit the delivery method, if you want. Click Continue.

The current delivery method is marked with a purple border and three dots next to it. 

You can edit its details by clicking the three dots. Or, you can select a different delivery method.



Continue to make a payment as usual.

In the Review & confirm screen, carefully check the payment details to make sure it was edited correctly. 




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