How to make a partial payment in installments

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Making a partial payment with installments gives you even more flexibility when choosing how to pay your vendors.


Partially paying a bill is as easy as paying it in full. The only difference is that you change the amount of the payment.


Here’s how:

1.  When you’re asked to select a payment method, click the pencil icon.



2. Enter the amount you’d like to pay. The installment terms change according to the new payment amount.

NOTE: Bill’s balance.

Below the amount you entered, you can see the bill's total open balance.



If this is the first time you’re making a payment with installments, you’ll need to apply. Learn how to make payments in installments for the first time.

If your business was already approved, continue making a payment in installments as you always do.



1. Open balance- The remaining amount to be paid appears in the Inbox. The open balance bill is marked with a PARTIALLY PAID label.

2. Bill paid in full- When the open balance of a particular bill reaches $0 it will automatically be removed from the Inbox tab.

The various payments associated with that bill will appear in the Scheduled or Paid tabs and will be labeled, according to their stage. 

In the Paid tab, partial payments connected to the same bill will appear as stacks. You can click a stack to view the individual payments.



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