How to recover a failed check payment with installments

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You scheduled a check payment with installments but received a notice that the delivery failed. 


Why did the payment fail?

There are 2 reasons for a check payment to fail:

1. Check returned by USPS - These are the notifications you get when the check is returned.

2. Check wasn’t deposited by your vendor - These are the notifications you get when the check wasn’t deposited.


What to do now?

To recover this payment contact support


Few important notes:

1. Returned check- because the payment failed, the previous installment terms were canceled.

2. Undeposited check- you have 10 days to contact your vendor and remind them to deposit the check before it is voided automatically.

3. You can recover the payment with installments again. When you contact support just let them know that you want to make this payment with installments.


Notifications for a returned check

There are 2 ways you are notified. 

1. By email- here's what it looks like:



2. In your Pay Inbox- In the payment details of the failed payment, you see the error message: “Check wasn’t deposited by your vendor. Reason (USPS): VACANT(VAC). House, apartment, office, or building not occupied.”



Notifications for a check that wasn’t deposited

There are 2 ways you are notified.

1. By email:

a. Here’s what the email notifying that the check wasn’t deposited looks like:



b. Here’s what the email notifying the check was voided looks like:



2. In the Pay tab- The final step will have an error icon and a note saying: “Pending deposit by the vendor”.


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