How to recover a failed ACH payment with installments

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You scheduled an ACH payment with installments but received a notice that the delivery failed.

There are two ways you are notified:

1. By email- here's what it looks like:



2. In your Pay Inbox- In the payment details of the failed payment, you see the error message: “This payment wasn’t delivered because your vendor’s bank transfer details are incorrect.”



Why did the payment fail?

Most likely, the vendor’s bank details were changed. It could be that your vendor moved to a different bank or closed the account.


What to do now?

To recover this payment, contact support and provide them with the new bank details.

TIP: Contact your vendor to confirm their bank details before recovering this payment. 


Few important notes:

1. You have 14 days from the date the vendor should have received the payment to recover the payment and keep the installment terms.

2. From day 15 on, the payment will be canceled altogether including the installment terms and you’ll need to make a new one. You will get an email notification letting you know that the payment was canceled. Here’s what the email looks like:


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