Why is the list of business owners required?

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For compliance reasons, only business owners can apply for and schedule bill payments in monthly installments. This is why, as part of the application process, the details of everyone who owns more than 25% of the business are required.


What if I’m not an owner of the business?

In this case, you can’t apply or schedule bill payments in monthly installments.

The first step of the application process is to provide the details of the business owner(s). For additional details on how to get started with installments, please refer to this article



If you click I don’t own this business you’ll be directed to the regular payment process.


NOTE: Are you an accountant or contributor?

Users whose role is set as an accountant or contributor won’t see installments as a payment method. 

Only the owner and admins have permission to apply for and make bill payments with installments. 

But remember, an admin who isn’t an owner (doesn’t have at least 25% of the business), can’t apply and make bill payments with installments, even if they see this option.


Where do I write the details of the business owners?

As part of the application, you’re asked to add the details of every owner of the business. Click +Add another owner to do so. 


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