USPS potential check delivery delays during the holidays

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Paying your vendors with paper checks during the holidays? Keep in mind that the holiday season typically affects USPS shipping and delivery times, and can delay check deliveries to your vendors. 


What causes USPS delays?

Some contributing factors to these end-of-year shipping delays are unpredictable weather conditions, high volume created by the online shopping rush, and COVID-19-surges. 

When you’re scheduling a check payment during the holiday season, you’ll see this message, reminding you that checks may not arrive on time. 



How to avoid USPS delivery delays

If your vendor allows it, you can send them an ACH bank transfer instead of a check. ACH takes 3 days and is free of charge. If you pay using a credit or debit card (for a 2.9% fee), your payment (until 2 pm ET / 11 am PT) will be delivered via ACH the same business day for no additional fee.

Alternatively, Melio offers two fast delivery options: 

  • You can send a fast check that arrives within 3 days- not including the federal holiday (delivered via FedEx, $20 fee).

  • Also, you might be eligible for a fast ACH bank transfer which is same-day delivery (1% fee).

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