How to sync Xero with your Melio account

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Syncing Melio and Xero saves time and eliminates double data entry. After you've completed a bill payment in Melio, your Xero account is automatically updated with the payment details.


Connecting Xero from your Melio account:

1. Sign in to your Melio account.

2. Click Settings on the left sidebar.



3. Click Accounting Software Sync.



4. In the details section under Xero, click Connect.



6. Click Allow access to let Melio use your Xero profile information.



7. Confirm your company name.



8. That’s it—your accounts are connected.



9. At the top left corner of the dashboard, next to the account name, you’ll see the sync icon which indicates that the sync is successful.

When you hover over it, you will see when the last sync happened.

Clicking this icon will manually sync the two accounts.



Another way to confirm the sync and manually sync the accounts is in Settings under Accounting Software Sync.


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