‘Mark as paid’ multiple bills at once

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Multiple bills in your Pay inbox that you paid somewhere else? Mark them as paid in one action.

Note: Team Roles

Admin and business owners can mark any bills as paid. Contributors and accountants can only mark a bill as paid if they created it.

  1. Go to your Pay inbox. 
  2. Hover over one of the bills you’d like to move until a checkbox appears.Mark_as_paid_1.png

3. Now you can select multiple bills.

TIP: Scroll to see a bill’s details
On the right side of the screen, you can scroll left or right to see each bill’s details.



4. Once the bills are selected, click More actions. Choose Mark X bills as paid.



5. Click Mark X bills as paid to confirm.



6. Your bills will be moved to the Paid tab. 

Note: Moving a bill back to Pay inbox

You can move a bill back to your Pay inbox later if needed. To do this, select the payment. Click Actions followed by Make unpaid.


Note: Error message for marking bills as paid

Bills created by an admin or owner can’t be marked as paid by a contributor or accountant.




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