Choosing how your vendors receive payment

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With Melio, the payment process is divided into two parts: making a payment and receiving a payment. You can use any payment method that works best for your business. Your vendors still receive payment how they want, so you both have total flexibility.


Ways your vendor can receive payment:


Delivery methods

Receiving a paper check

Fee: $1.50 (your first 2 checks each month are free).

  • Comfortable. Choose this payment method if your vendor prefers to get paid with checks. They will receive it within 5-7 business days.
  • Secure. Your sensitive details are never written on the check, protecting you from fraud and check forgery.



Receiving an ACH bank transfer

  • Free. ACH bank transfers are free for your vendors to receive.
  • Direct. The payment will arrive in your vendor’s bank account within 3-5 business days.



Receiving a fast ACH bank transfer

Fee: 1%. 

  • Faster delivery. Fast ACH payments arrive in your vendor’s bank account on the same day it’s sent so you can avoid late fees.
  • Increase your cash flow. Hold onto your cash for 3 more days.
  • Save on fees. The fee is lower than bank wire transfers or paying by card.



Receiving a fast check

Delivery method fee: $20.

  • Speed. Fast checks arrive within 3 business days. Vendors who need paper checks can get them 4 days earlier than regular checks and you avoid late fees.
  • Flat rate. No matter how big the payment, it’s always the same fee.



Receiving an international payment

Fee: $20.

  • Get paid from abroad. Your vendors around the world will receive an international payment directly to their bank account (in USD). They don’t even need a Melio account to accept payment.delivery_method-_international_payments.jpg


Receiving a single-use virtual card

Fee: Point-of-sale (POS) terminal processing fee (for your vendor).

  • Faster. Vendors can process payments 24/7 using their POS terminal - so they get paid on their schedule, not according to bank hours.
  • Easier on their accounting. Cards are sent with full remittance data - amount, payor and invoice details. This makes it easier to track, manage & reconcile every incoming payment.
  • More secure. No need for them to expose their bank details. They receive a digital card with a unique 16-digit number that only they can use.

-Your vendors need to sign up to receive payments via single-use virtual cards. This is not something you can choose for them. They will pay the regular processing fee for running the card through their POS terminal.



Receiving instant payment with a debit card

Fee: 1% (for your vendor).

  • Choice. If your vendor needs payment sooner, they can choose to get it immediately into their bank account with their debit card.
  • Speed up the payment. Once they choose to get paid instantly with their debit card, the payment is processed and delivered to their bank account in up to 30 minutes.

NOTES: Receiving payment with a debit card

    • Only your vendor can select this delivery method. They will pay the 1% fee.
    • For your vendor to get this option, you must pay by ACH bank transfer, credit or debit card and select delivery method as ACH bank transfer or paper check. They will not receive this option if you send a fast ACH bank transfer or fast check.


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