What is a legal business name

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On Melio you have a legal business name and a company name. Here’s the difference:

Legal business name

This is the name that was on your official paperwork when you registered your company, corporation or LLC with the state. It is used for taxes and official government purposes.

It’s possible that your legal business name is the same as your company name. Or it might be similar, but with a .co, .inc or LLC added to the end.

Beyond your legal name, other required legal information includes: legal business name, legal business address and tax ID type - EIN (Employer Identification Number), SSN (Social Security Number) or ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number).



Company name

This is a customer-facing name. It could be on your packaging, storefront, branding and more. It’s also referred to as “trade name” or “DBA (doing business as) name”. It can be the same as a legal business name, but is often a shortened version or something more memorable. 

Beyond your company name, other company information may include: name, address, suite #, mobile number and your full name.



When you send a payment to a vendor, they will see your company name in their email.


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