How to pay with a credit card

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Melio lets you pay by credit card (for a 2.9% fee) even when your vendor doesn’t accept credit cards. Here's how:

1. Sign in to your Melio account and click Pay in the left sidebar.

2. Create a bill or select one to pay from the Bills tab. Click Pay next to the bill you want to pay. Or pay without a bill.

3. When asked to select your payment method, click Credit Card.



4. Fill in your card information and click Link my card.



5. Fill in the details of the cardholder. Click Complete and save.

Note: Cardholder details

  • Make sure that the details you're entering are the same as on your card.
  • Input your zip code (5 digits, no hyphens).



6. Choose how your vendor receives the payment.

Note: International payments.

International payments are only available when paying via bank transfer, Mastercard or Visa credit card (2.9% fee). Make sure you select one of these cards as the payment method.



7. Select when you want the payment deducted. Click Continue.



8. You can leave a memo for your vendor. Click Continue.



9. Click Confirm and schedule payment to continue.



10. That's it! Your payment has been scheduled using a credit card. The credit card is now on your account and you can easily use it for future payments. Can't add your card?





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