Paying vendors in Melio’s network

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Melio’s network is a fast-growing directory of national and local vendors– including telecommunication companies, financial institutions, utility services, food & beverage companies, and many more. 

Vendors in Melio’s network will appear with this verification badge next to their name, so you can quickly identify them:

How do I benefit as a payor?

  • Vendor discovery- Easily find and pay suppliers.
  • Pay quickly- No need to collect and save your vendor’s bank details. If they’re part of the network, you’ll pay them in a few simple steps.
  • Security- Pay through a network of verified suppliers, approved by Melio’s risk and compliance teams.


SPECIAL NOTE: Melio is getting a fresh look.

This won't affect how you used to do things, only the way to get there. Customers will get the revamped look gradually to ensure a smooth transition. It might take a while before you see it.
This article is for customers using the original view of Melio prior to getting the revamped look.


This article will cover how to pay vendors directly from Melio’s network in your Vendors. You can also do it when adding a bill or scheduling a payment

1. Click Vendors in the left sidebar.


2. Click on the + at the top right and then + Add vendor.



3. In Vendor’s company name, start typing the name of the vendor you want to pay.

5. Choose the correct match from the dropdown list. Double-check the name and address information.



NOTE: Local vendors vs. nationwide billers.
The payment process for local vendors is slightly different from nationwide billers.

Local vendors

You’ll see a contact card with the vendor’s details.

NOTE: What is a contact card?
The contact card shows that this local vendor is part of the business network, and Melio has verified their details.

It includes: 

  • Vendor’s name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Vendor's chosen delivery method



Nationwide billers

For nationwide billers, such as utility companies, you’ll need to enter your unique account number.

Tip: You can find this number in the pay-to details on your bill.



6. Click Save vendor and add a bill to schedule a payment to this vendor right now, or Save vendor and close to save this vendor to your contacts and pay them later. 



NOTE: Vendors that already exist in your list.

You can’t have two vendors with the same name. If the network vendor already exists in your vendors list, you’ll be prompted to do one of the following: 

  1. Choose to Continue with X vendor from existing contacts
  2. Or, add the verified vendor as a new vendor in your contacts. 

Since no two vendors can have the same name, you’ll need to rename this vendor. 

Tip: A simple way to rename the vendor is to add the word “New” to the end of the new vendor’s name. 


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