Melio Roles & Permissions

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Melio lets you assign different roles and permissions to your team members and use your Melio account more efficiently.


Here’s the breakdown of the available actions for every role:







Number of roles you can assign/account

1 role




Level of access

Full access

Full access*

Partial access

Basic access

Approve payments

Schedule payments

Require approval for payments over a set amount

Add bills

Sync to accounting software

Add and delete team members (collaborators)

Set up approval workflows

Add or modify bills and payment details

Apply for installments

Only if the admin is also one of the business owners

Setting a default payment method

Recovery flows

General account management (passwords & email notifications)

Additional permissions for accounting firms

Add clients to dashboard

Assign clients to team members (Accounting Firms)

Edit client bank details

*An admin can't reassign the owner role.

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