All the ways to copy your Pay Bills email

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You can get invoices sent directly to your Melio account. We scan and automatically add your bill for you to review and pay.

To enjoy this time-saving feature, start by copying your own Pay Bills email. This article will guide you through all the ways to do it.


Your unique and dedicated Pay Bills email ends with 


You can copy it from 2 places in your Melio account:

1. In your Bills tab.

2. Settings.


In your Bills tab

1. Sign in to your Melio account.

2. Click Pay in the left sidebar and go to your Bills tab.

3. Hover over via email and click Copy email.

From bills tab.jpg



You can also find your Pay Bills email in Settings.

1. Sign in to your Melio account.

2. Click Settings in the left sidebar.

3. Select Company settings.

4. In Pay Bills email on the right, click Copy email.

From settings.jpg


That’s it! Now that you’ve copied your Pay Bills email— start forwarding invoices and share it with your vendors

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