Void a check that hasn’t been deposited

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If you chose check as a delivery method, you may have received an email letting you know that it wasn’t deposited yet. You can contact your vendor to remind them to deposit the check. Alternatively, you can void it and get the funds back in your account.


Void a check that hasn’t been deposited 

When a check is not deposited, you get a reminder email 14 days after the check was sent to your vendor. 

On day 15, you can void the check and get your funds back in your account.

You can void the check in 2 ways:

Note: Resending the payment.

To resend the payment to the vendor, create the bill again or make a payment without a bill.


Void the check from the email you received

The email includes payment details like the vendor’s name, invoice number and amount. When clicking Get a refund, you’ll be directed to that payment in your Melio account to start the process.

Here’s what the reminder email looks like:

email notification about the undeposited check.png


Void the check from your Melio account

Clicking Get a refund in the email takes you to the Payments tab.

1. Find the payment. It’s marked with a yellow label In progress and the error icon .  You can also find it in the In progress sub-tab.

payments- in progress- error.png


2. Click View details

3. In the payment details section on the right, you’ll see the error message.

4. At the bottom of the page, click Void check and refund.

error message.png


5. Confirm the details of the check to void and the bank account for the refund. Click Confirm.

Click Confirm.png


That’s it, we’re processing your refund request. This might take up to 5 days.

Processing refund.png


The payment will be labeled with Voiding check and will move to the Payments tab under the Failed sub-tab. The Failed sub-tab appears only when you have a failed payment.

Payments tab- Failed sub-tab.png


You will get an email confirmation that the check was voided and a refund was initiated. Your vendor will also be notified that the check was voided.


Where can I see the status of the refund?

You can see it in the Payments tab under the All sub-tub. It is labeled with Processing refund.

Payments- Processing refund.png

Click View details to track the refund’s progress.

track the refund’s progress.png


When the process is completed, it will be marked in the Payments tab with the label Refunded.



Click View details to see when the funds were returned to your bank account.

Refund completed.png


We’ll also notify you with an email.

confirmation email.png



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