Approve or decline multiple payments at once

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Have a few payments to approve? Now you can do it in one go. 

Here’s how:

1. Go to Pay in the left sidebar. 

2. Go to the Approvals tab. All the payments that need your attention appear here.

3. Check the box next to all the payments you want to approve/decline. At the bottom, you can see a summary of the payment including the total amount and number of bills.

Approvals tab- select the payments.png


4. Now choose to Approve or Decline.


What happens when payments are approved:

Your approved payments will be scheduled now. They will move to the Payments tab, under the Scheduled sub-tab. 

You and the team member who scheduled the payment will get an email for each payment that was approved.

payments tab- scheduled sub-tab- approved payments.png



What happens when payments are declined:

1. (Optional) Let your team member know why you declined these scheduled payments.

2. Click Decline payment to confirm.

decline payments.png


3. The declined payments will move to the Payments tab. It will be clearly marked with a red label Declined.

Note: Resending each payment.

To resend each payment you need to cancel it, and create the bill again or pay without a bill.

payments tab- declined payment.png




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