Refund an ACH payment that couldn't be delivered

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You got an email that your ACH payment wasn't delivered to your vendor. You can either:

1. Resend the payment. You’ll also be able to see all the reasons for a failed ACH payment and how to resolve it.

2. Get a refund.


Refund a failed ACH payment

Note: You can only get a refund for the full amount, there’s no option for a partial refund.

Here’s what the email you got looks like:ACH_refund_1.png


1. Click RESOLVE PAYMENT and you’ll be taken to your Pay inbox.



2. In your Pay inbox, find the payment. It’s marked with a red label “FAILED”. Click on that payment.



3. In the payment details section on the right, you’ll find the reason why your payment couldn't be delivered. You’ll see the option to request a refund.



4. Select the reason you want a refund.



5. Click Continue.



6. Review the details, including your estimated refund date. Click Send refund request.

Note: The refund will be sent via the same payment method you used originally.



7. Your refund is now on its way!



8. Your payment now has a green label - REFUND. A progress bar shows you where your refund is up to.



9. You can delete the bill from your inbox once it's refunded. This is permanent. 

To do this, first select the bill. Under actions, choose Delete from Inbox from the dropdown menu.




1. You may see this message when you try to request a refund. Click Chat with Support.



2. We may not be able to deliver your refund. If you see this message, contact our payments operation team at





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