Getting invoices directly and automatically to your Pay inbox

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With Melio, you can get invoices sent directly to your Pay inbox. We scan and automatically add your bill for you to review and pay.


How does it work?

1. Copy email; 3 ways to do it:

a. From the message.

b. From the copy icon.

c. From Settings.

2. Get invoices sent to your Pay inbox; 2 ways to do it:

a. Forward emails to your Pay inbox.

b. Share your Pay inbox email with your vendors.

3. Review the bill.

4. Pay the bill.

5. Get notified about the added invoices.


Important invoice requirements: 

1. One invoice per file.

2. Invoice must be attached as JPEG/PNG/GIF/PDF to the email.

3. Maximum file size is 10MB.


Copy email

Your Pay inbox email looks like this: [business name _4 random numbers]

Here’s where you can copy it from:

a. The message.

b. The copy icon.

c. Settings


a. The message

The message is at the top of your Pay inbox or in the middle of the screen if it’s empty. It will disappear permanently after you click the X on the right. 

1. Click Pay in the left sidebar.

2. Click the copy icon within the message.



b. Copy icon

The copy icon copy_icon.png is next to the Sort icon at the top of your Pay menu. It remains even after the message disappears. 

1. Click Pay in the left sidebar.

2. Click the copy icon.



c. In Settings 

You can also find your Pay inbox email in Settings:

1. Click Settings in the left sidebar.

2. Select Company settings.

3. Click Copy where it says Get invoices directly to Pay Inbox on the right.




Get invoices sent to your Pay inbox

a. Forward emails to your Pay inbox email.

After copying the email from your Melio account, use it to forward emails with invoices from your regular mailbox to your Pay inbox.

1. Go to your regular email inbox.

2. Open an email you received from a vendor that meets the requirements.

3. Click Forward and paste your Pay inbox email into the recipient space.


b. Share your Pay inbox email with your vendors. 

You can also notify your vendors to start sending invoices directly to your Pay inbox email.

TIP: Add a note to your digital signature asking to send invoices directly to the Pay inbox email.


Review the bill 

When a bill arrives in your Pay inbox via your unique email, you’ll get a message to review the details.

NOTE: Filter your inbox by bills that arrived through your unique email.

  1. Click Pay in the left sidebar.
  2. Click the filter icon. 
  3. Select Status from the dropdown list. 
  4. Check the box next to Pay Inbox.
  5. The results will be displayed in the inbox. Find the bill you want to review.



Here’s how to review the bill details:

  1. Click Review bill.

  2. The invoice is on the left. Check the bill’s details and change them if needed.  Click Save and schedule payment to continue making a payment.  


NOTE: Missing details.

In case of missing details, the bill will be marked with an error icon in both the inbox and under Bill details on the right.



When you review the bill, the missing details will be marked in red. Fill them in manually. Click Save and schedule payment to continue with the payment.


NOTE: Pay the bill later, mark it as paid, or delete it.

You can schedule the payment, later, mark the bill as paid (if you paid it outside of Melio) or delete it. 

Click More actions and select the relevant one.



Clicked Save and pay later? The bill will be saved in your inbox.

Clicked Mark as paid? The bill will move to the paid tab.

  1. Enter the amount you want to be marked as paid. You can make this a full or partial payment
  2. If your account is connected to QuickBooks select the account for reconciliation.

Clicked Delete bill?
Remember that the bill will be deleted permanently. Click Yes, delete this bill in the warning message to continue.



Pay the bill 

You can continue to pay the bill right after you review the details. Alternatively, you can confirm the details and save it for later. When you’re ready to schedule the payment you’ll find it in the Pay inbox.

Paying a bill right after reviewing it

  1. After reviewing the bill and clicking Save and schedule payment, you can make a payment like you always do.
  2. Select how you’d like to pay. Click Continue.
  3. Select how your vendor will receive this payment.
  4. Select when you want this payment to be deducted. Click Continue.
  5. (Optional) Leave a memo for your vendor. The default is the invoice number. Click Continue
  6. On the Review and confirm page, make sure the payment details are correct. Click Confirm and schedule payment.
  7. That’s it! Payment is on its way to your vendor.


Pay a bill you saved in your inbox

A saved bill is just like any other bill in your Pay inbox. Pay it as you usually do.

Email notifications

Once a day, you’ll get an email with the details of the invoices forwarded to your Pay Inbox.

  • Invoices successfully forwarded- Click Review and schedule payments.
  • Unsuccessfully forwarded invoices - The email will let you know why, so you can contact your vendor and resolve the problem.

 Here’s what the email looks like:


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