Pay multiple bills to the same vendor as one payment

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Combine multiple bill payments to the same vendor into a single payment. This allows for easier reconciliation and saves you time and money on transactional fees.

This article shows you how to:

  1. Combine payments
  2. Vendor’s reconciliation of combined payments


Combine Payments

1. Go to the Vendors tab.

Vendors tab.jpg


2. Select a vendor with more than 1 bill. Click Pay balance.

select a vendor with multiple bills.jpg


3. In Scheduling X payments review the bills. At the top, you can see the total amount and the fees. 

bills details.jpg


4. Toggle on Combined payments to send all the bills in one payment. The number of bills included in this payment appears under the vendor’s name.

toggle combined payments on or off.jpg


5. Click Schedule payments to finish. 

schedule payment.jpg

6. Continue to schedule payments as usual.


Vendor’s reconciliation of combined payments

If you’re sending your vendor one payment for several bills, it's important they get an invoice breakdown for easy reconciliation.

For any payment delivery method, your vendor will get an email showing a breakdown of all bills that have been paid:

email with invoice breakdown.png


If you paid your vendor with a check, they’ll get the check along with a breakdown of all bills that have been paid:




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