Help clients pay bills on time and hold onto their cash flow with recurring and partial payments

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Show your clients the many ways to pay their business bills with Melio. They can make partial payments to pay bills in parts, recurring payments so they never miss a due date and so much more.


This article is for: 

Accountants with clients who DON’T use Melio for business bill pay yet.


How to use these items:

  • Copy/paste this email template into a new email.
  • Add the subject line into your email’s subject line field.
  • Replace the fields marked {client name}, {Name of your firm} and {Your name} with real information. 
  • Now, attach the 1-page PDF to the email.
  • Add any extra info you want your clients to have, like your phone number of operating hours and send. 


Email template to show your clients how Melio can make business payments better for them

Subject line: 

Never miss a due date when paying your business bills


Content of your email:

Hey {client name},


{Name of your firm} has been using Melio for a while now and we’ve found it very beneficial for our clients, just like you. Two of the features they offer can really help manage accounts payable more efficiently, and save you money: recurring payments and partial payments. 


What are recurring payments? 

Set up automatic payments to vendors you pay regularly, so they always get paid on time. That way you never miss a due date and maintain good relationships with your vendors.  
Learn more about how to use recurring payments.


What are partial payments?

Split a single bill into more than 1 payment to hang onto your cash flow for longer. Partial payments give you more flexibility than ever when paying business bills.

Learn more about how to use partial payments.


I’d love to discuss how we can save you time and money on paying your business bills with Melio. Feel free to schedule a time for us to talk.


Kind regards, 

{Your name}

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