Help clients get to know the value of using credit cards to make payments with Melio

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Use this resource to show your clients how paying bills using a credit card (at a 2.9% fee) makes sense for a small business -they can gain benefits while increasing their cash-flow. 

In this fast-changing market, it's important for businesses to have flexibility in paying bills. Your client needs to pay bills in a way that suits them - ACH bank transfer, debit or credit card. Vendors want to be paid in a way that works for them. By using a credit card to pay, even when a vendor doesn’t accept them, your client can realize added value in bill-paying. 

However your client pays their bills, Melio lets you manage and reconcile all their payments from one convenient place.

This article is for: 

  • Accountants with clients that DON’T use Melio for business bill pay yet.
  • Accountants who already pay their clients' business bills on Melio, but want to share the advantages of using a credit card. 


How to use these assets:

  • Copy/paste this email template from the PDF into a new email.
  • Add the subject line into your email’s subject line field.
  • Replace the fields marked {client name}{Name of your firm} and {Your name} with real information. 
  • Now, attach the 1-page PDF to the email.
  • Add any extra info you want your clients to have, like your phone number or operating hours and send.

Email template to tell your clients about paying bills with a credit card


Subject line: 

Pay smarter using credit card - manage your payments & earn rewards


Content of your email:

Hey {client name},


Paying by credit card is easy with Melio, an accounts payable solution that lets you pay by credit card, earn rewards and defer payment.


Here’s just some of the perks of paying bills using a credit card:

  • Earn card rewards like cash back, air miles and points. These add up fast and you can spend them on almost anything, like that much needed vacation.
  • Increase your cash flow by deferring payment to the card’s next billing cycle, while your vendor still gets paid straight away. 
  • Faster delivery. Your vendor gets paid the next business day (up to $100K).


I’d love to chat to you more about how paying your business bills by credit card can help you discover these rewards and more.  Feel free to schedule a time for us to discuss. 


Kind regards, 

{Your name}

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