Fast ACH eligibility requirements

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Various factors determine eligibility for fast ACH. Each payment is different and is considered individually.

Melio is always working to protect you from fraud. As a result, not every payment is eligible for fast ACH.

The following requirements are general guidelines only. For example, as a Melio user, you may be eligible for a fast ACH payment when:

  • Your account has been active for over a month.
  • You have processed a number of successful payments in the past.
  • You don’t have any failed payments due to fraud or insufficient funds.
  • Your payment is under $30,000.
  • Your bank account has been used before successfully.
  • No other risk indicators or limits exist.

If your payment is eligible, the option to select fast ACH will be available when you schedule the payment’s deduction date. Follow these steps to expedite your payment with fast ACH.

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