Help clients get to know the value of using Melio to make payments

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Show your clients why Melio makes business bill pay easier, faster and more secure. This gives your clients more reasons to book time with you, an opportunity to discuss how letting you manage their accounts payable on Melio can help their business. 


This article is for: 

Accountants with clients that DON’T use Melio for business bill pay yet.


How to use these assets:

  • Copy/paste this email template from the PDF into a new email.
  • Add the subject line into your email’s subject line field.
  • Replace the fields marked {client name}, {Name of your firm} and {Your name} with real information. 
  • Now, attach the 1-page PDF to the email.
  • Add any extra info you want your clients to have, like your phone number of operating hours and send. 


Email template to show your clients how Melio can make business payments better for them


Subject line: 

A great bill pay solution our firm is using for clients like you


Content of your email:

Hey {client name},


{Name of your firm} has been using Melio to manage our clients’ accounts for a while now and I wanted to let you know why. 


What’s Melio? It’s an easy-to-use accounts payable solution with a user-friendly dashboard, where users can pay all of their business bills and get paid by other businesses. 


Here’s why I recommend you use Melio to pay your business bills (and note that our firm can do this on your behalf):

  • Saves you money - Melio is free! No monthly or subscription fees, ACH payments are free and you can get paid for free too. 
  • Connects to your accounting software - Every bill is reconciled automatically, so there’s no double data entry. 
  • Pay with credit card - Melio lets you pay your bills and vendors with a credit card (2.9% fee). That way, you defer payment, earn rewards and hold on to your business’ cash longer. 


I’d love to discuss how we can save you money on paying your business bills with Melio. Feel free to schedule a time for us to talk.


Kind regards, 

{Your name}

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