Using Melio for clients' AP? Help your clients get to know Melio

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Melio makes bill pay easier, faster and more secure - now, you can easily help your clients get to know why you chose Melio, and how you’re using it to make their business payments better. 

This is also a great way to encourage clients to book more time with you, so you can discuss what other solutions you and your firm can offer them.


This article is for: 

Accountants who pay their clients' business bills on Melio.


How to use these assets:

  • Copy/paste the text marked “Content of your email” below into a new email.
  • Add the subject line into your email’s subject line field.
  • Replace the fields marked {client name}, {Name of your firm} and {Your name} with real information. 
  • Now, attach the 1-page PDF (available as an attachment at the bottom of this article) to the email.
  • Add any extra info you want your clients to have, like your phone number of operating hours and send. 


Email template to help your clients get to know Melio:


Subject line: 
A great bill pay solution our firm is using for clients like you


Content of your email:
Hey {client name},


{Name of your firm} has been using Melio to manage our clients’ accounts for a while now and I wanted to let you know why. 


What’s Melio? It’s an easy-to-use accounts payable solution with a user-friendly dashboard, where users can pay all of their business bills and get paid by other businesses. 


Here’s why I’m using Melio to manage your account as well:

  • Saves you money - Melio is free! No monthly or subscription fees, ACH payments are free and you can get paid for free too. 
  • Connects to your accounting software - Every bill is reconciled automatically, so there’s no double data entry.
  • Pay with credit card - Melio lets you pay your bills and vendors with a credit card (2.9% fee). That way, you defer payment, earn rewards and hold on to your business’ cash longer. 


I’d love to discuss what else I can do for your business using Melio. Feel free to schedule a time for us to discuss your business’ needs. 


Kind regards, 

{Your name}

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