Resolve an ACH payment that couldn’t be collected

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You got an email that your ACH payment couldn’t be collected from your bank account. You can resolve this yourself by changing the payment method.


Here’s what the email you get looks like:

email notification on the failed payment.jpg


Clicking RESOLVE PAYMENT in the email takes you to the Payments tab.

1. Find the payment. It’s marked with a red label Failed. You can also find it in the Failed tab which appears only when you have failed payments.

payments tab- failed payment.jpg


2. Click Resolve.

3. In the payment details section on the right, you’ll find the reason why your payment couldn't be collected. 

NOTE: Why was this payment not collected?

Here’s a list of reasons you might see and how to resolve each one.

Reason for failed payment How to resolve
This bank account (BANK...1234) has insufficient funds for this payment.  Add funds to your bank account or change your payment method.
This bank account (BANK...1234) seems to be frozen.  Change your payment method.
This payment has been blocked by your bank.  Change your payment method or ask your bank to remove their block to resend the payment.
You stopped this payment with your bank.  Change your payment method or ask your bank to remove their block to resend the payment.
This payment could not be processed as there aren’t enough accessible funds in your account.  Change your payment method or try again once there are sufficient accessible funds.
This payment has been put on hold due to the bank account owner reporting it as unauthorized.  Change your payment method or contact the bank to authorize it and reschedule the payment.


4. At the bottom of the page, click Resolve and reschedule.

detalis of the failed payment- click Resolve and reschedule.jpg


5. Select how you want to resend the payment. You’ll see a reminder to resolve the reason your payment didn't collect from your bank account before you try to use the same payment method again.

select a different payment method.jpg


6. Select a delivery speed to match the due date.

select a delivery speed.jpg


7. In Review & confirm, check the payment details. Pay attention to the payment method, deduction date, and delivery date. Edit, if needed. Click Confirm and schedule payment to continue.

Review & confirm.jpg


8. Your payment will get the label Scheduled. You can track the payment journey in the progress bar by clicking View payment.

payments tab- scheduled payment.jpg


You'll get an email letting you know that your payment has been resent.

email notification on the recheduled payment.jpg




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