How to upload multiple vendors to your Melio account

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Easily upload all your vendors’ details to your contacts list.

It's easy to get all your vendors’ details into your Melio contacts list in one go. When you import multiple vendors, you can add the company names, contact names, email addresses and phone numbers. We provide you with a .csv template to download and fill in vendors’ details to make it super simple. 

Here’s how to upload multiple vendors at once: 

1. Go to your Contacts tab and click + New Contact.



2. Select Add a vendor.



3. Click Import Vendors.



4. Select Download in step 1 to get our .csv template.



5. The .csv file will download to the chosen location on your desktop. Open and then fill in your vendors’ details.

NOTE: Don’t change the header titles (row 1) of the sheet

Your .csv file must include the same header titles included in our template: 

  • Company name (required) 
  • Email address 
  • Contact name
  • Phone number


6. Save this sheet as a .csv file on your desktop. Be sure not to change the file format - otherwise the import won't work.

7. Return to Melio in your browser window. 

8. Click Upload .csv file, and select the .csv file you just saved.




9. Review your vendor list to see that every field is filled in, and the details are correct. Then click Confirm and save.



That's it! You’ll get confirmation that your vendors have been imported successfully and can view your new contacts in the Contacts tab.



Notes: These error messages might occur

Error: Company name is required. Rows can’t be added without one. 

How to fix this: Make sure every row has the company name filled in.



Error: This company name already exists. Vendors with duplicate names won’t be added.
How to fix this: Open your Melio account in a separate window and check if the company name already exists in your contacts list. If it does, that entire row won’t be imported.  To solve this, simply update the company’s information right from your contacts.



Error: Incorrect email format. You can edit it later or upload a new file.
How to fix this: Check the email address carefully - emails that are not in the correct format (like won’t be saved. To fix this, add the correct email address in Melio contacts once the upload is finished.


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