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Your team member scheduled a payment that needs admin approval. This article shows how it’s done.

By assigning roles and permissions to team members, the business owner and admins can approve payments that exceed a certain amount. 


When such payments are scheduled, an admin gets an email asking for their approval.

Here’s what the email looks like:



To approve or decline the payment:

1. Click Review this payment in the email. 


Go to your Pay inbox. The payment sits under PENDING APPROVAL.


NOTE: Where to find payments pending approval

All payments that need your attention are listed in the Pay inbox under PENDING APPROVAL. You can easily and quickly handle them one by one.

2. Review the payment and bill details on the right, make sure to scroll all the way down.



3. Click Approve or Decline.



When the payment is approved:

4. The payment will move to the Scheduled tab in Pay.



5. You and the team member who scheduled the payment will get an email that the payment was approved. This is what the email looks like:



When a payment is declined:

4. You can let your team member know why you declined this scheduled payment.



5. In the Pay inbox, the declined payment will be clearly marked.



6. You and the team member who scheduled the payment will get an email that the payment was declined.



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