Paying a bill with Melio

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With Melio you can pay almost all of your business bills online. You can pay via bank transfers or credit cards* - even if your vendor only accepts paper checks or bank transfers.


The entire process can be summed up in 3 steps:

1. Add a bill to Melio.

2. Choose how you'd like to pay. Bank transfers are completely free. You can also use a debit card or credit card* (2.9% fee) to extend your float and get rewards.

3. Choose how your vendor receives the payment. We pay vendors on your behalf with a bank transfer (ACH) or a mail-delivered paper check, both with your business name clearly displayed.


Is this your first payment?

It might take an extra 3-5 minutes to make the first payment, if you haven't already set up your preferred payment and delivery methods, and entered your legal business information.


How to pay a bill

There are 3 ways to pay a bill:


Follow these steps to make a payment from your Pay inbox:

1. Log in to your Melio account.

2. Go to Pay dashboard.

3. Select the bill you'd like to pay from the inbox.



4. Click Schedule payment in the bill details section on the right side.



5. Select how you’d like to pay. Melio offers two payment methods: bank account (free) or credit card (2.9% fee). 

NOTE: Still need to connect a payment method?



6. Choose how your vendor will receive this payment:

A. Bank transfer (ACH) - takes 3 full business days to arrive. You'll need to fill in the vendor’s routing number and bank account details.

B. Paper check - mailed to your vendor and takes approximately 7 business days to arrive. There is an option for a fast check that takes 3 business days to arrive (for a fee of $20). You'll need to fill in the vendor’s business address.

C. Ask vendor for payment details - if you don’t know the vendor’s information, select this option. Your vendor will be able to choose how to receive your payment and fill in the correct details.

D. International payment - you can also pay a vendor outside the US. This is how to make international payments with Melio.



7. Select when the payment will be deducted.

NOTE: What do the different markings mean?

  • The payment due date is circled for your convenience.
  • A suggested deduction date is highlighted purple but you can select another if you want.
  • At the bottom of the page is the estimated delivery date based on the payment and delivery methods, and deduction date you select.
  • Federal holiday dates will be blocked on the Melio calendar. When you try to select the date, it’ll display Federal Bank Holiday.select_a_deduction_date.jpg


8. You can leave a memo for your vendor. Click Continue.

NOTE: What to put in the memo?

The invoice number is set as the default. The memo appears in the email notification your vendor receives as well as printed on the check. When delivered via bank transfers (ACH), it appears if your vendor's bank enables memos.

Is your Melio account synced with QuickBooks online? The default includes both the account and invoice numbers in the format of Acct#number | Inv #number.



9. Click Confirm and schedule payment to continue.



10. As a final step, enter your legal business info. This is only required for your first payment, to ensure compliance and security. We will not be able to process your payment without it. Click Complete and save to finish the payment.



11. Payment scheduled!



12. Your bill now appears under the Scheduled tab of the Pay dashboard.




Paying a bill from the Contact dashboard

1. Log in to your Melio account.

2. Go to the Contact dashboard.

3. Select the vendor you want to pay.



4. In Payments overview on the right, see the vendor’s balance.

  • OPEN BALANCE of 1 bill:
    • Click View To see the bill’s details.
    • Click Pay unpaid bills and continue the payment process as described in point 5. view_and_pay_1_unpaid_bill.jpg


  • OPEN BALANCE of 2 or more bills:


That’s it. You'll be updated by email when payments are set and when they're processed. Your vendor will get an email notification when the payment is processed (you can also choose to notify a vendor once you've scheduled a payment).


*Subject to card network limitations.

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