Defer your payment by paying with a credit card

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Melio lets you pay business bills with a credit card* (for a 2.9% fee) and choose your vendor's preferred payment method. Small and medium-size businesses can defer payment for bills while still getting them paid on time.

With Melio, paying a bill using your credit card means that your payment (until 2 pm ET / 11 am PT) will be delivered via ACH the same business day for no additional fee.


What is a deferred payment?

When you buy what you need and pay for it later on. That way, you can hold on to your cash flow, while getting the items you need to do business now.

The potential benefits of paying business bills with a credit card:

  • Defer payment until next month (usually with no interest) or repay the balance over time (usually with interest).
  • Earn card rewards like cash back, miles and points on some credit cards.
  • Find out about early-pay discounts from your vendors, suppliers and distributors.
  • Increase your cash flow to safely manage unexpected expenses.
  • No application needed. Deferring your payment to the card’s next billing cycle helps you extend your float in a way that's similar to a loan—just without all the paperwork or approval process.

Add your credit card to your Melio account in a few simple steps.


How to pay bills with a credit card

1. Sign in to your Melio account.

2. Create a bill, select one to pay or make a payment without bill.

3. Select Credit card when asked how you would like to pay.



4. Enter your details to add and link the card.

5. Schedule the payment.


A payment summary for the transaction and for the 2.9% fee will arrive in your email inbox shortly after completing the payment.


Note: Billing for credit card fee

The 2.9% fee is billed separately.


*Subject to card network limitations.


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