How do I change the account owner?

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Every Melio account has to have one account owner. If you’re currently listed as the account owner and would like to assign this role to someone else, this article shows you how to do it. 

What roles are available on Melio?

Assigning each collaborator the right role ensures a better workflow and helps both parties, you and the business owner, use Melio more efficiently and successfully.

The person who created the account is the owner. The owner role has access to all the functions. Including: approving payments, adding/deleting team members, and assigning roles to members. There is only one owner to a Melio account. Assign it to the actual owner of the business.

The admin role is similar to the owner. They can approve payments as well. But they can’t connect to the QuickBooks account and reassign the owner role. There can be more than one admin to a Melio account.

The accountant can edit bank details and connect to the QuickBooks account. But they need the approval of the owner/admin for payments over a certain amount. There can be more than one accountant to a Melio account. We recommend assigning the accountant role to the business’s actual accountant.

The contributor can only make payments up to a certain amount. They need the approval of the owner or the admin for other payments. There isn’t a limit on the number of contributors to a Melio account.

How to change the account owner

1. Sign in to Melio.

2. Go to Settings in the left sidebar.



3. Click Manage collaborators.



4. If the person you want to make the new owner isn’t already in your list of collaborators, invite them by clicking +Add.


NOTE: They’ll need to accept the invite before you make them an owner.


6. If the person you wish to make the owner is already a collaborator, click the three dots next to their name. 



7. Select Make owner from the dropdown list.



8. Select Admin as your new role.



9. Click Yes, make owner.

That’s! You are no longer the owner of this Melio account. You’ll see a note at the top of the window.


The new owner can edit the business information, edit user permissions and manage payment details.


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