Expedite your payment with the fast check option

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Pay your vendors faster with the fast check option. Fast checks are sent in 3 days via FedEx, instead of USPS’s regular delivery time of 5-7 days.

How can I make a fast check payment?

You can make a fast check payment when paying with your bank account (ACH), credit card (at a 2.9% fee), or debit card (at a 2.9% fee).

You’ll have the option to make a fast check delivery when scheduling your payment deduction date:

1. Sign in to your Melio account.

2. Click Pay in the left sidebar.

3. Click on + in the top right and select + New payment.



4. Add a bill manually, upload a file or connect with your QuickBooks account.



5. Fill in the bill details and click Save and schedule a payment


NOTE: Uploaded a bill file or synced with QuickBooks?

Some or all of the details will be updated automatically.


6. Choose how you wish to pay- via ACH bank transfer, credit card, or debit card.



7. Select Paper check when asked how your vendor would like to receive the payment.



8. Fill in the vendor’s name. This will appear on the check. Click Continue.



9. Fill in the vendor’s mail address. Click Submit and add delivery method.

NOTE: Correct Zip code format

Input a 5-digit, unhyphenated zip code.



10. When selecting a date for your payment to be deducted, make sure to select the fast check option (at a $20 fee).



NOTE: Still need to connect or verify your bank account? 

Your bank account must be connected and verified before making a payment. We will not deduct the funds and process the payment until it does.

You can always connect your online bank via Plaid for instant verification. 

Or, connect and verify a bank account with micro-deposits.


11. Leave a memo to your vendor.

NOTE: What to put in the memo?

  • The invoice number is set as the default. 
  • The memo is printed on the check. You can learn more about what the check looks like.
  • Is your Melio account synced with QuickBooks online? The default includes both the account and invoice numbers in the format of Acct#number | Inv #number.



12. Carefully review the details in the Review & confirm page.

13. Click Confirm and schedule payment to complete the process.



That’s it! Melio will send you an email with the payment details. You can also notify your vendor that their payment is on the way.



How do I track the status of my fast check payment?

In order to track your payment you’ll need FedEx’s tracking number. We will have access to the tracking information the day before the delivery date. 

Contact support via chat the day before the delivery date you requested and we will provide you with FedEx’s tracking number.


NOTE: Support’s response time 

Response time may be up to 48 hours as we receive the information from FedEx's system.


Why can’t I see the fast check option?

There can be a number of reasons why the fast check option is not available for your payment:

  • Payor’s business is based in Texas.
  • Your legal details are missing.
  • It’s a recurring payment.
  • The check address is a PO Box.

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