What will my vendors see when payments are delivered?

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How your payments are delivered

In this guide we’ll show you everything your vendors see when you send them a payment: the notification email they’ll receive when your payment is processed (if you choose to have them receive it) and what they’ll see when they receive your payment, whether it’s a paper check in the mail or a direct bank transfer


'Payment is on the way' notification

With either delivery method, at the end of your payment process you’ll have the option of notifying them with an email once the payment has begun processing and is on the way. Here’s an example of what that looks like when you send an ACH transfer:


When you choose to send your vendor a check, they'll receive an email with all the payment details, where they can review and potentially edit their address, or choose to receive the payment via an ACH transfer:


If they click "GET PAID BY BANK DEPOSIT", they'll be transferred to a secure form where they can fill in their bank details. These details will be saved for future payments you make to this vendor.


Delivery by Paper check

If you choose to have a paper check sent on your behalf, it'll arrive in the mail to the address you've specified in approximately 7 business days (unless you chose the fast check option). When the check has been deposited you'll receive an email to let you know about it.


Here's what the paper check that arrives to your vendor looks like:


Delivery by bank transfer (ACH)

Your vendors can receive a bank transfer directly deposited to their account.
It'll appear on your bank statement with your business name and Melio, like this:
"Your Business Name Melio CCD"


When the ACH is complete, you can track its journey. To find the tracking number:

  1. Go to the Paid tab.

  2. Click the relevant payment.

  3. The number appears in the payment details, below the delivery method under VENDOR RECEIVED.


That's it.
We hope that fully explains what vendors and your payment recipients receive when you pay them through Melio.


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