What will my vendors see when payments are delivered?

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Want to know what your vendor sees once you pay them? This article will show you everything your vendors see when you send them a payment.

This article covers:


How to let your vendor know the payment is on its way

We recommend you add a memo for your vendor. It provides us with the vendor’s email address, so we send a notification about the payment. It also helps with reconciliation.

The option to add a memo for your vendor is at the final stage of scheduling a payment, right after selecting the payment due date.

add a memo for your vendor.png



How the vendor gets paid

Your vendor receives an email notification once the payment has begun processing and is on its way. Here’s an example of what that email looks like: 

email notification to the vendor.png


Eligible vendors will have the option to get the payment faster. They can get a fast delivery to their bank account, an instant delivery to their bank account, or an instant delivery to their debit card. If they do choose to get a faster delivery, you will not be charged for it.


How to track the payment

You can track the payments you made to your vendors- read these articles to learn how:


How your payment appears in the bank statements

Help your vendor with reconciliation, this is how your bank transfers and paper check payments appear in their statements.


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