How do I add clients’ companies to my dashboard?

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Easily invite clients: create a new account for them or ask to join an existing account - in under a minute!


Adding new clients to your Accountant dashboard is easy!


Here's a short video that explains how (there are also step-by-step instructions below)

Step by step:

From your Companies dashboard (see icon in the navigation bar on the left) click the “NEW CLIENT” button on the top right side of the screen:


1. You will then be asked fill in the details of the client:

  • Name

  • Owner’s email address


2. Connect to QuickBooks online if your client has an account, if not - simply mark “NO”


  • To connect QuickBooks - simply log-in to your Intuit account and follow the instructions.

If this account has already been connected to Melio - through an existing Melio account or by using QuickBooks Online Billpay (powered by Melio), you will only have to review the information and fill in missing details to complete set up, so some of the following steps may be pre-filled in the rest of your process.

3. Fill out the details of the Business owner

  • Name

  • Phone number


4. Let us know where your client is located


5. Select the client's estimated monthly payment volume, to help us better accommodate your client's payment needs.


6. Connect a payment Method for your client
Save time when you want to start making payments - connect their account via an online banking service, enter credit card details or verify the account manually using micro deposits to make ACH bank transfers.


You can also Skip this step (by clicking "SKIP" at the bottom) and have the owner of this business add a payment method, or add it yourself later through the settings,


7. Now you have the option to invite the owner:


8. Once you chose to invite the owner, you can allow them to approve payments made by you: simply fill in the minimum sum - any payments over that amount will require the owner’s approval.


  • If you don’t know the minimum amount - you can allow the owner to set the amount themselves by clicking “I don’t know the amount, ask the owner”

Payments made BEFORE the owner accepts the invitation that are above the sum requiring approval will NOT be made until the owner joins and approves the payment.

You can also skip the owner invitation altogether by clicking “Not now”, in which case you will be the owner of the Melio account (You’ll be able to add them later - learn how)


Once invited, your client will receive this email invitation:


And will have to follow instructions to set your permissions on their new company account. To see exactly what your client will see, go here.



If your client already has an account with Melio, here's what happens:

You’ll be able to send a request to your customer to join the company’s existing account:


Your client will receive this request:


And will be able to accept your request to join, add you as an accountant and set a minimum payment amount to require approval.


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