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Stay updated on the status of all your incoming payments, invoices, and payment requests.


Melio makes it easier for you to monitor all your incoming payments. With a click of a button, you can view the entire lifecycle to date of your due payments in a clear and easy-to-follow diagram.

Accessing the timeline from your dashboard

  1. Log in your Melio account.

  2. Click on the invoice, payment request or payment.

  3. The Details page will open.

  4. Click the Timeline tab.



The timeline view shows the most recent event at the top and first event at the bottom. This way, it’s easy to see the current status of a specific invoice, payment request and incoming payments.


Here are some of the most common items you will probably come across in your timeline:

  • Invoice created in Melio - an invoice was uploaded or created.

  • Payment was scheduled - a sign that your payment request was seen and accepted by your customer.

  • Payment started processing - customer paid the invoice and the payment is being processed by Melio.

  • Payment was completed - processing ended successfully and the funds have been sent to your bank account.

  • Invoice marked as paid - incoming payment was received and you marked the invoice as paid.

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