How to connect your bank account automatically with Plaid

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Before making or receiving payments, you’ll first need to link your bank account.

Connecting your bank account automatically with Plaid takes only 1-2 minutes and is the fastest way to start using Melio–all you need is your online banking credentials.

There are 2 ways to connect a bank account automatically:

1. When making your first payment. 
2. In the account settings.


  • We recommend connecting to your bank account automatically when making your first payment. 
  • Whichever of the above ways you choose to connect, the procedure to connect automatically to Melio is the same.


Connect your bank account when making your first payment

  1. Create a bill or select one to pay.

    • From the Vendors tab- select a vendor and click Pay balance to pay existing bills or New payment.
    • From the Bills tab- select a bill and click Pay.

2. Choose Bank account when asked how you want to pay.



4. Follow the below steps to connect automatically.


Connect your bank account in Settings 

1. Go to Settings in the left sidebar and select Payment Methods.



2.  In the Bank account section click Add this method.



3. Follow the below steps to connect automatically. 


How to connect your bank account automatically

The steps are the same whether you choose to connect when making your first payment or choose to connect in the account settings.

1. Choose Connect instantly when asked to connect your bank account.


2. Click Continue to allow Plaid to link your bank.



3. Choose your bank from the list. Plaid is connected to the top 100 banks in the US.

(Don’t see your bank?)



4. Fill in your bank login credentials and click Submit.


5. Your bank account is successfully linked to Melio! Now you can start paying your bills.



What if I don’t see my bank listed? You can verify your bank account manually with microdeposits 

If you don’t see your bank listed with Plaid, you’ll need to connect your bank account manually and verify with micro-deposits:

1. Click the X on the top right of the PLAID box.



2. You’ll be prompted to verify your bank manually instead.

3. Add your bank routing and account number. Then click Save and continue



4. Look out for an email within 2-3 business days to complete the micro-deposit verification process. 

5. Click Got it to continue scheduling your payment.



NOTE: Verify your bank account for your payment to arrive on time.

If you continued to scheduling the payment, you'll get a confirmation email reminding you that you'll need to finish verifying your bank account in order for the payment to be processed.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Melio’s Originator ID codes:

One last thing–make sure to make Melio an authorized debtor by adding it to your bank account’s whitelist. 

How? Provide your bank with our originator ID codes before making payments through Melio.

You’ll only need to do this once. 

Here are Melio’s originator ID codes:

  • 1320565847
  • 1294287528 
  • 1061273133
  • 1289133000

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