How to use the Partial Payments feature

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The Partial Payments feature gives you more flexibility in how you choose to pay vendors. It allows you to divide a single invoice into several payments and use different methods at various stages of the payment.

When you schedule a partial payment, Melio will track and display the remaining balance.


Here’s how to make partial payments:

1. Sign in to your Melio account.

2. Click Pay in the left sidebar.

3. Find a bill to pay from the Bills tab. 

4. Click Pay.

Bills tab- find a bill- click Pay.png


5. Click the pencil icon that appears next to the open balance and type the amount you’d like to pay.

Click the pencil icon.png


6. Continue scheduling the payment as always. 

7. You can track the partial payments just like any other payment. 


To view your open balances, go to the Bills tab and find the bill. 

In the Amount column, you see the amount left to pay and the original total amount of the bill.

amount left to pay and total bill amount.jpg


When the open balance of a particular bill reaches $0 it will automatically be removed from the Bills tab. 

The various payments associated with that bill will appear in the Payments tab and will be labeled according to their stage. 

In the Payments tab, partial payments pertaining to the same bill will appear separately.

payments tab- paid sub tab.jpg



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