When will my payment arrive?

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Understanding the payments' delivery timelines.

Timing is important when bill-paying. Let's review how long it takes for payments to arrive in the payee’s account or mailbox, depending on which payment and delivery method were used for the payment.

Paying with bank transfer (ACH)

  • Delivered by bank transfer: 3 business days (4 business days for payments over $100K)
  • Delivered by paper check in the mail: 5-7 business days

Paying with credit card

  • Delivered by bank transfer: next business day
  • Delivered by paper check in the mail: 5- 7 business days
  • Paying with American Express: 2-3 business days

Payment progress bar

Payments have a very linear journey: 

  1. When you upload a bill, it appears in your Pay inbox. 
  2. After you schedule a future payment, it moves to the Scheduled tab.
  3. When Melio collects the funds on the deducted date, it will move to the Paid tab.

When the payment is in the Paid tab, the payment progress bar helps you monitor the rest of the journey. 

The payment progress bar is located at the top of the payment details section, on the right side of the page.


The payment progress bar shows: 

  • Stage 1: Collected - the money was collected from your account.


  • Stage 2: Sent/In transit - the payment is being processed.


  • Stage 3: Cleared/ Deposited - the money has been successfully delivered to your vendor’s account.


Additionally, when a payment has cleared and reaches stage 3, a green COMPLETED label will show above the amount in the Paid tab.


Notes: Things that may affect payment processing time

  • Payments are only processed once a day before 11:30am EST. Any payments submitted after this time will only start processing the following business day. 
  • Federal Holidays may affect the delivery time.
  • If you're sending a vendor a request to fill out their payment delivery details, the estimated delivery time will depend on when they fill out their details.
  • When submitting a payment to a vendor for the first time, we may need a little extra time to review the payment. Schedule these in advance to avoid any delays.

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